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The Electric Imp Platform


The imp operating system, impOS, is one of the key aspects of the Electric Imp Platform. It provides all of the core functionality offered by devices and their online ‘agents’ — connectivity, messaging, security, compute power — allowing you to focus on the specific needs of your application and the data that drives it.

Accessed through a comprehensive and open Application Programming Interface (API), impOS manages your product’s network connectivity, compute capabilities, power management and, crucially, its security and resilience on your behalf.

Application code runs within a virtual machine (VM) provided by impOS. Compiled in the cloud, this code is hardware-independent and supports a dynamically-typed, referenced-counted and object-oriented scripting language similar in style to JavaScript and C. impOS provides access to the underlying hardware’s interfaces through an abstraction layer, speeding development and also allowing easy application mobility across the range of impModule™ hardware.

In order to facilitate efficient hardware utilization and power management, the imp API provided by the VM is event-driven, allowing impOS to manage the power and clock states of the platform effectively as well as perform the required networking tasks to keep the device connected. Application code is freed entirely from the need to manage core functionality, including networking, security and messaging.

impOS is backed by powerful online tools for the remote development and deployment of device and agent applications software, enabling greater flexibility and providing the ability for product software to be enhanced and upgraded securely in the field.