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It’s time to take IoT security seriously

Electric Imp is proud to be the world’s only IoT Platform UL Certified for IoT Security

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When it comes to IoT, our impSecure is never in just one place or time. It’s multidimensional, extending from silicon-to-cloud and for the full lifecycle of your connected product — from proof-of-concept (PoC) through end-of-life (EoL). Download the impSecure data sheet for more details.

The unique architecture of the Electric Imp connectivity platform incorporates well established best-practices and advanced security functionality to lock down all of the platform’s components, from the data and software stored in your products to its imp agent gatekeeper in the cloud.

A secure boot system is used in every imp to ensure that modified or subverted code cannot be loaded or run by the hardware, both protecting the security and stability of your product and also protecting your application code from unauthorized access or duplication. Application software is separated from the operating system and runs in its own protected virtual machine, conveniently allowing impOS™ updates from our on-going security maintenance program to occur seamlessly without impacting your application. The impOS’ open API includes tools to allow you to integrate state-of-the-art security methods on all communications between the Internet and each device’s agent.

For example, devices communicate with their agents using the industry-standard TLS protocol, using certificate-based security to ensure that connections can’t be redirected or intercepted. The device and agent communicate directly and asynchronously on a one-to-one basis regardless of the intervening network topology or configuration.

Security is an ongoing concern not a one-off issue. With this built-in functionality, the burden of continued vigilance, threat mitigation and security updates is managed by the Electric Imp Platform. This continuous support ensures legacy products remain safe and securely operational without expending in-house engineering resources.