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The Electric Imp Platform


Analysts have forecast that the Internet of Things will comprise tens of billions of connected devices by 2025. To manage even a fraction of those products requires a solution of unprecedented power and scalability.

The Electric Imp Platform is that solution.

By leveraging world-class infrastructure-as-a-utility services, the Electric Imp Platform can bring additional cloud computing and communications capacity online the moment it is required.

The Electric Imp Platform features a powerful operating system tailored for massive scalability. Each device and its ‘agent’, an ever-present online assistant, operate within a tight, well-defined resource perimeter, and independently of all other device-agent pairings.

Whether your user base comprises one device or millions of units, or you have a single product or an extensive line of products, the Electric Imp Platform’s cloud architecture provides a unique, standalone agent for every single customer device as each of those devices comes online for the first time.

The Electric Imp Platform also features a comprehensive online toolset that allows you to monitor and manage all your devices from the product level down to each individual unit, allowing unprecedented in-field diagnosis and correction of complex support issues. These tools provide the ability to conveniently and seamlessly push application and operating system firmware to millions of devices in the field at any time.

This approach makes the Electric Imp Platform uniquely flexible and scalable, enabling it to grow as your product develops and evolves. And as your product offering widens, our platform allows you to deliver multiple connected devices without the need to build connectivity for each one from the ground up.