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The Electric Imp Platform

Production Tools

In addition to its development features, the Electric Imp impCentral™ is a one-stop shop for product firmware management and deployment, and for monitoring product activations in the field.

When your project is ready to move from development to deployment, the impCentral’s production tools help you ready your application code for release using a simple, straightforward workflow. It also allows you to implement special firmware you can use to test the functionality your products as they roll off the line, and to mark them ready for use — a process called ‘blessing’.

impCentral’s production tools incorporate a comprehensive set of diagnostics to monitor production, from testing to blessing and beyond, and to the activation of products by your customers. To record these events on your own reporting systems, impCentral provides a web API which allows the seamless transmission of production data directly from the imp service to your backend in real time.

As your product and its software evolves, impCentral’s production tools offer the ability to deploy firmware updates to all of the products currently in the field at any time, and to ensure those in the sales channel will be updated the moment they are connected to the Internet by a customer using the innovative Electric Imp BlinkUp™ process.