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The Electric Imp Platform

Tools: Code Libraries

Electric Imp helps you accelerate the product development process by providing a wide range of code libraries for you to add to and ship with your own software, whether you develop using the web-based IDE or tools of your own that integrate with the Build API.

Electric Imp’s libraries allow your software to easily communicate with many third-party web services*, from leading edge business management tools, such as Salesforce force.com, through key online data storage and analysis from Facebook, Xively and Wolfram Research, to the most popular global communications services, including Twitter and SMS messaging (Twilio).

The libraries also allow you to support a diverse array of peripheral device hardware, including sensing systems of all kinds, displays and device-to-device communications technologies, such as NFC. Utility libraries extend the core imp API with powerful tools to help you create sophisticated online APIs and device-to-cloud messaging facilities.

Every Electric Imp library is provided under the terms of the MIT license, allowing you to make use of the code freely, including within commercial products.

* Access to certain third-party web services may require you to enter into a commercial relationship with the third-party web service.