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The Electric Imp Platform

Development Tools

The Electric Imp Platform’s web-based tool, impCentral™, is the ideal way to start developing imp-based connected products. It’s easy to use and ready to begin working with just as soon as you log in. It incorporates all the tools you need to manage your development devices, and to create and edit the software they and their agents will run. And thanks to the growing number of code libraries provided by Electric Imp, you can have your prototype programmed and running in moments.

When your code is ready to test, it is transferred to your hardware at the push of a button. impCentral checks each line for syntax errors before the full program is downloaded to the device. This transfer is entirely over the Internet, so you can update and restart test devices in remote locations just as easily as those on the lab bench next to you. And wherever your devices are located, you can view the messages they log right there in impCentral.

All the code you create is retained within the impCloud™, allowing you and your team members to work on your product’s firmware from any location, at any time. The complete history of a project is maintained, and you can call up previous versions whenever you wish, and re-purpose code written for one product with another. And once your code is ready, you can promote it to production-ready status for field deployment.

impCentral is the right environment for many developers, but for more advanced development processes, you may choose the impCentral API to help you integrate imp application development into your own workflow and toolchain.