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The Electric Imp Platform


The innovative Electric Imp Platform begins with impModule™ hardware. These units easily integrate into products to provide secure WiFi Internet connectivity, a powerful local compute capability, and a brain in the cloud called an ‘agent’. The modules offer the most advanced solution for manufacturers to increase the capability, functionality and value of their products, and to get their devices online quickly and simply.

The modules offer flexible device connectivity options, with easy-to-use IO that facilitates integration with sensors, actuators and other microcontrollers that might be used in a product. The imp module can be used alone as the only processor in a device or in conjunction with a companion processor — maybe to perform hard real-time tasks — whose firmware can be updated securely over-the-air using the imp. For greater device security and resilience, imp application code runs inside a virtual machine, allowing critical security updates to be deployed without touching the application code. The event-driven architecture of impOS™ enables devices to respond quickly to any circumstance, whether triggered by a customer or the device’s own sensors, while impOS deals with power and clock management to minimize power consumption.

The modules are tiny, giving manufacturers the ability to locate them practically anywhere inside a product. Check out the impModule product briefs below to find which impModule best suits your product requirements.

Every impModule, regardless of its source, provides a consistent connectivity experience and virtual environment. Products run the same impOS and connect to their unique online agent no matter what hardware underpins them, and manufacturers can seamlessly move to other modules within the imp family if their needs change over time.

imp003 (Murata Type1CD)
The smallest imp, with excellent IO, low power modes, a substantial memory capacity and high speed
imp003 Product Brief

imp004m (Murata Type1MD)
Highly integrated IoTnode with 2.4GHz WiFi
imp004m Product Brief

imp005 (Murata Type1GC)
Powerful module with dual-band (2.4/5GHz) WiFi and 10/100Mb/s Ethernet
imp005 Product Brief

More detailed information about the impModule units, including specifications and Developer Kits, can be found in the Electric Imp Developer Center, or by contacting sales@electricimp.com.