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The Electric Imp Platform


As the centerpiece of the powerful Electric Imp Platform, the impCloud extends your product beyond Internet connectivity to harness the power of secure, scalable cloud computing. We offer several options for hosting impCloud based on your business needs.

The impCloud equips every one of the devices you ship with its own unique ‘agent’: a fully programmable cloud-hosted micro-server dedicated to supporting and enhancing your product with powerful communications, computing and security capabilities. Because of this 1:1 relationship, the software you build in the agent only needs to deal with one device; scaling is effortless and automatic.

The agent is the device’s personal assistant and gatekeeper rolled into one. The agent manages communication with the wider Internet, from software-as-a-service (SaaS) data storage and analytics offerings, to messaging, to enterprise ERP, to your own ecosystem of customer management servers and mobile apps. It speaks the language of all the web’s most widely used services: REST/JSON & HTTPS.

As a security guard, the agent protects the device from harm. It authenticates every request using your preferred technology, secures the data passing to and from the device, and shields your product from attacks.

Each agent is a uniquely addressable instance of application software you develop. Agents are therefore completely customizable to the needs of your product. Like device software, the agent is separated from impCloud foundation technology: it too runs in its own, protected virtual machine. This also allows the updates arising from our on-going security maintenance program to be applied without impacting your product. You can also deploy new software to agents instantly, just as you do to your connected devices, with the IDE.

Whether your device is awake and in use or sleeping to preserve energy, its agent is always available to field commands from your remote control app, to log product usage data with your server and much, much more.

impCloud™ options

impCloud is available in various configurations to suit your requirements. Our options are flexible to match your business objectives and technical environment. And you can move up tiers of service if desired based on your changing business needs.

Public impCloud

Our multi-tenant service provides a secure, cost-effective service for customers without special service requirements. Electric Imp deals with all provisioning, scalability and availability issues across the Public impCloud user base, offering service for a simple per-device fee.

As your business scales, our cloud will scale with you, leaving you to concentrate on your products and customers.

Dedicated Servers

For customers who require exclusive access, explicit geographic binding, or static IP addresses, we offer dedicated servers. Here, end-user devices connect only to servers exclusively assigned to you, providing you with a secure, fully managed service that complies with common corporate data security policies.

Different dedicated server options are available depending on installation size, performance requirements, and availability targets. Scalability and performance reviews are provided periodically allowing the customer to select the cost/performance balance that best meets their requirements.

Private impCloud

The Private impCloud option provides the ultimate in convenience: servers are owned by the customer, but configured and operated by Electric Imp. The installation is totally self-sufficient with no external dependencies. This option also enables features such as customer-specific TLS keys, customer-signed imp firmware images, and no external limitations on either device or cloud bandwidth.

Software escrow, for both service and device side, is also available with Private impCloud installations.

Contact us at sales@electricimp.com to learn which imp service option is best for your business needs.