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The Electric Imp Platform

Tools: impCentral™ API

The Electric Imp Platform provides you with all the tools you need to create, test and deploy the application software that your product will run on its impModule™ hardware and in the impCloud™. The web-based impCentral™ is the best way to begin developing imp-based products, but the powerful impCentral API allows you to integrate the platform’s development and deployment facilities into your own workflow and toolchain.

Implemented using industry established RESTful principles, the impCentral API allows you to bind Electric Imp’s device management and software development facilities to your own tools, whether they work at the command line or are based on a graphical user interface in a desktop or mobile environment.

Any development task that you can perform with impCentral can be carried out using the impCentral API: create new application firmware models, upload code, prepare development devices and assign them to specific models, and retrieve agent and device log messages as they are posted.

By integrating the impCentral API into your own tools, you can go far beyond the scope of the impCentral web app. You’ll be able to develop product code offline and archive your source files locally, on your own servers, or in a versioned archive such as GitHub to facilitate structured development, intelligent project management and easier collaborative working.