Imp API Reference

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The Electric Imp API provides a set of classes and global objects with which imp code may access local hardware and remote cloud functionality. This API augments the Squirrel Standard Library which provides non-imp-specific functionality. For more general information about the Squirrel language, see ‘Learning Squirrel’ and ‘The Squirrel Programming Guide’.

The Electric Imp API includes the following global objects:

  • agent object – device-only object that allows communication with the paired agent
  • device object – agent-only object that allows communication with the paired device
  • hardware object – access to I/O peripherals
  • http object – agent-only object that wraps up http-related functions and request creation
  • http request class – agent-only dispatcher for outbound http requests
  • http response class – agent-only response creation for inbound http requests
  • imp object – access to WiFi and other parts of the imp itself
  • nv table – for persisting data across deep sleeps
  • server object – access to the electric imp cloud servers

It also includes these further classes, one or more instances of which can be found as members of the global hardware object:

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