The Complete Solution for Connecting Devices to the Internet

The Internet of Things, a fast emerging technology movement in which devices and services are being connected via the Internet, has the potential to create vast economic impact of up to $6.2 trillion annually by 2025, according to a 2013 study by McKinsey Global Institute.

Electric Imp offers a core connectivity platform within the Internet of Things through an innovative solution that delivers a powerful cloud service tied closely to leading-edge hardware, making it simple to connect devices to the Internet. Our unique WiFi-enabled platform dramatically decreases time to market, is cost effective, reliable and secure, empowering manufacturers and developers to manage and quickly scale their connected products and services to millions of users.

With Electric Imp, the opportunities to innovate are practically endless - a smart water sprinkler system that knows when to operate based on the weather forecast; a manufacturing facility in which product assembly, output and inventory can be remotely managed and tracked by a smartphone from anywhere in the world.

The Electric Imp platform is currently being used to provide Internet connectivity in a variety of smart products from leading companies such as Quirky and GE, Budweiser, Lockitron, and many others. Our solution can be found in 25 product verticals in a variety of industrial sectors ranging from energy management and HVAC control to environment, healthcare, and consumer.

A Powerful End-to-End Connectivity Platform

The Electric Imp connectivity platform, featuring fully integrated hardware, software, OS, APIs and cloud service, makes it possible to effectively empower your devices with intelligence, scalability and flexibility. Our powerful connectivity solution does all the heavy lifting, freeing you up to concentrate on creating the best and smartest products and services possible.

  • Imp Hardware The Electric Imp platform starts with the imp, a powerful WiFi-enabled processor module that can be integrated into your product and act as the gateway to the Internet, providing it with secure connectivity and a brain in the cloud.
  • Imp OS The software foundation for the imp’s features and services that lets you customize your device code to bring your product’s functions to life.
  • Imp Cloud Our cloud allows you to run agents - server side code that runs in a secure environment - that can be used to offload heavy tasks best performed by a server, and easily connect your products to anything with Internet access. Agents are like pico servers for every imp and can act as a central hub to your products, apps, third-party services, and even your own servers.
  • Imp Open API Enrich your customer experience and build your business by developing enhancements like messaging, monitoring, and much more.
  • Imp BlinkUp The proprietary Electric Imp setup solution, BlinkUp, integrates seamlessly into your apps, letting you and your customers connect products in seconds using just a smartphone or tablet. BlinkUp goes beyond just WiFi setup to connect and provision a new device in a single step.
  • Imp Services - IDE and Ops Console Maintain your software, push new code and features easily to devices anytime, and ensure that your users always have the latest features. The Ops Console enables you to gain more insight into your factory production lines and scale to millions of devices.

Building a Connected and More Valuable Business

Integrating connectivity through the Electric Imp solution adds value by creating entirely new business models, revenue streams and customer retention opportunities.

  • Increase Revenue Open new markets, create more upsell and distribution opportunities, service enhancements, new customers, and revenue streams.
  • Decrease Cost Easier upgrades and maintenance, increased productivity, and decreased customer service expenses.
  • More Engaged Customers Enhance interaction, satisfaction and retention, and build greater loyalty.
  • More Compelling Products Build innovative features, unique capabilities, richer experiences, and new partnership opportunities.

For more technical details about the hardware and software, visit the Electric Imp Dev Center. To test out the imp, you can prototype with a development kit.

Bulk pricing is available for the hardware, and we offer a pay-as-you-go service plan to support your business needs. Email us at to learn more about Electric Imp, our product and pricing or to set up a call.