The Electric Imp Platform

Connectivity That Transforms

For manufacturers seeking to bring products and services online, Electric Imp provides a complete end-to-end solution that makes it simple to connect nearly any device to the Internet quickly, securely and seamlessly. The Electric Imp connectivity platform, featuring fully integrated hardware, software, OS, APIs, cloud services and security, can effectively enhance your devices with greater functionality, efficiency and performance.

Now, rather than spending time and resources to design, integrate and maintain a connectivity infrastructure, your business can instead focus on its core expertise of building the best products for its customers, adding greater value and differentiation, and significantly reducing time to market.

With Electric Imp, the possibilities are endless.


Electric Imp Platform Features

  • imp Module The Electric Imp Platform starts with the imp, a powerful module integrating WiFi and compute power, which acts as the gateway to connect your device or service to the Internet. Imp hardware is available in several forms; modules with or without integrated antenna, and as a single chip for high volume applications.

  • impOS The software foundation for the imp’s features, the impOS provides secure cloud connectivity services to your product and allows you to concentrate on creating code to bring your product’s functions to life.

  • imp Cloud Our cloud allows you to run ‘agents’ – server-side code unique to each and every device in the field – that are used to provide HTTP IO and cloud-side processing, and easily connect your products to anything with Internet access. Agents can act as a central hub to your products, apps, third-party services and even your own servers.

  • imp Open API Enrich your customer experience and build your business by developing enhancements like messaging, monitoring and much more.

  • imp BlinkUp™ The proprietary Electric Imp setup solution, BlinkUp, integrates seamlessly into your apps, letting your customers securely connect products in seconds using just a smartphone or tablet.

  • imp IDE and Ops Console Maintain your software, push new code and features easily to devices at any time, ensuring that your users always have the latest features. The Ops Console enables you to gain more insight into your factory production lines and scale to millions of devices.

  • imp Security Market-leading security features are designed and embedded into every single physical and virtual aspect of the Electric Imp connectivity platform.

  • imp Scalability Our powerful cloud architecture is highly extensible across a single device or to millions of products.

The Electric Imp Platform is an ideal way for manufacturers to bring connectivity to devices faster and more easily. You may contact a representative of Electric Imp for more information.