Dev Kits


To develop a connectivity solution, you will need an imp card and development board to plug it into. The imp card and development board are available for purchase from any of the distributors listed below, or you can download complete design packages from our Dev Center.

You can also build an Imp socket onto your own development board. We provide guidelines to ensure that your design performs best with the Imp.

An imp card + an April Breakout Board is the most popular DevKit with our development community, and what we recommend you get started with.

The P3V3 is a module based development board. It is recommended for projects that require more than the 6 IO pins offered by the April Breakout board, and for developers who like to start experimenting with the imp002 solder down module.

The Aria DevKit is recommended for developers seeking the smallest possible form factor.

The C3V0 is a module based development board with a fully featured LiPo charging circuit.

If you are ready to take your design to production, you can purchase the imp002 module from one of our distributors listed below, or contact sales for quantities over 1000 units.

The imp003 is a 7.9mm x 10mm module produced by Murata. The imp003 does not carry any wireless certifications, nor does it include an onboard antenna - as such it is only recommended for high volume applications (>20k/yr).

Please contact sales if you would like more information about the imp003 module.

Let us know if you are interested in becoming a distributor.

We're in full production, so if you are interested in buying the imp card or module in bulk, contact us at Also, learn more about our Business Solutions.