Getting Started: Developer Kits

To develop your imp-based product, you’ll need an imp card and a development board to plug it into, or an imp module pre-soldered to a development board. The imp001 card and our April development board – together forming our standard Dev Kit – are available for purchase from any of the distributors listed below, or you can download complete design packages from our Hardware Reference section. You can also build an SD socket onto your own custom development board. We provide guidelines to ensure that your design performs best with the Imp.

If you’re using the standard Dev Kit, check out our April GPIO chart desktop reference.

Standard Dev Kit

An imp card and an April breakout board together comprise our standard Dev Kit. It is the kit we recommend you use to get started with. It is available from the following suppliers:

Module-based Dev Kits

The P3V3 is a module-based development board. It is recommended for projects that require more than the six GPIO pins offered by the April, and for developers who are ready to begin experimenting with the imp002 solder-down module.

The Aria is recommended for developers seeking the smallest possible form-factor for imp002-based products.

The C3V0 is an imp002-based development board with a fully featured LiPo charging circuit.

Evaluation Kits

The EVB003 (Murata part LBWA1ZV1CD-TEMP-A) Evaluation Kit combines an imp003/Murata LBWA1ZV1CD module, a selection of common sensory and other peripherals, GPIO headers, and both battery (AA) and USB power sources into a full test-bed unit.

Production Modules

If you are ready to take your design to production, you can purchase the imp002 module from one of our distributors listed below, or contact sales for quantities over 1000 units.

The Murata LBWA1ZV1CD (imp003) is a 7.9mm x 10mm module produced by Murata. Only one tenth of the size of the imp002, the imp003 allows for great flexibility in its placement within your product. Its peripherals can be customized to suit your design to accommodated low-cost AC designs and low-power battery designs. The imp003 does not carry any wireless certifications, nor does it include an onboard antenna – as such it is only recommended for high volume applications (>20k/yr).

The imp004/Marvell Single-Chip Series 88MW30x will be available in 2015. For more information, please contact Marvell.


Please let us know if you are interested in becoming a distributor.

If you’re considering mass-production and are interested in buying the imp module in bulk – the imp001 card is not recommended for commercial roll-outs – please contact us at You can also read more about our various Business Solutions.