Sample Code

These examples assumes you have a basic familiarity with the Electric Imp platform. We suggest working through our Getting Started Guide before trying these examples.

Device Basics

Ready-to-use Classes

We maintain a growing library of Squirrel classes for a range of applications, from driving specific hardware devices, through augmenting the functionality provided by the imp API and the Squirrel language, to tapping into third-party web services.

imp003 EVB Examples

These examples are specifically for the imp003 evaluation board.

  • Hello World – This example gets you up and running with the basics. Recommended for first-time users
  • Environment Sensor Data – Build graphs of real-world data from the EVB’s temperature and optical sensors by logging the information with the charting web service Plotly
  • Record Audio – Use the EVB’s microphone and the imp003’s analog-to-digital converter to record audio
  • Weather – Get real-time weather data from the Weather Underground web service and display it using the EVB’s multi-color LED
  • Security System – Detect intruder movement with the EVB’s accelerometer and send alert messages via SMS and the Twilio web service

More coming soon...