Sample Code

These examples assumes you have a basic familiarity with the Electric Imp platform. We suggest working through our Getting Started Guide before trying these examples.

imp API Code Cookbook

The following code recipes show you how to achieve key agent and device tasks in your own software.

Maker Learning Projects

Complete projects for kids and newcomers

Ready-to-use Classes

We maintain a growing library of Squirrel classes for a range of applications, from driving specific hardware devices, through augmenting the functionality provided by the imp API and the Squirrel language, to tapping into third-party web services.

Device Basics

imp003 EVB Examples

These examples are specifically for the imp003 evaluation board.

  • Hello World – This example gets you up and running with the basics. Recommended for first-time users
  • Environment Sensor Data – Build graphs of real-world data from the EVB’s temperature and optical sensors by logging the information with the charting web service Plotly
  • Record Audio – Use the EVB’s microphone and the imp003’s analog-to-digital converter to record audio
  • Weather – Get real-time weather data from the Weather Underground web service and display it using the EVB’s multi-color LED
  • Security System – Detect intruder movement with the EVB’s accelerometer and send alert messages via SMS and the Twilio web service